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Supporting Apprentices with Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities affect at least 10% of the general population and there is increasing evidence this figure is much higher in the apprenticeship system. Unfortunately, a large percentage do not receive adequate supports to identify and address their learning challenges and end up leaving their careers, exacerbating existing labour shortages. A more structured, consistent approach to identifying and supporting pre-apprentices and apprentices with learning disabilities is needed for the construction industry and its training providers to effectively respond to these learning needs.

The intention of this pilot is to identify, assess, and provide wrap-around supports as needed to union apprentices and selected pre-apprentices, offer training resources to training providers, and to test the effectiveness of this model in several jurisdictions across Canada.

As the research and evaluation partner, SRDC will collaborate with SkillPlan, and partners in the unionized construction industry and their affiliated training providers, to develop and integrate this model and then assess its implementation and outcomes. The project will leverage learning from SkillPlan’s other federally funded projects — Star EPATT and UTIP Connecting the Dots — and help increase access for individuals with learning disabilities to participate and engage in training and employment opportunities.

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