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Neuroinclusive Employment

SRDC has been engaged by the Sinneave Family Foundation to conduct research on the demand-side considerations for inclusive employment. This one-year project research has the goal of synthesizing and establishing key characteristics and practices of inclusive employers and exploring more deeply where there might be opportunities to further strengthen employers’ capacity to create inclusive workplaces. SRDC’s activities involve consolidating evidence from the research and broader literature on the conditions and strategies employers require to identify and remove obstacles for people with disabilities in the workplace. The research team will build on this knowledge in the second phase of the project to interview employers who have engaged in demand-side initiatives to identify promising practices, potential gaps, and employer needs to enhance support for inclusive workplaces. Throughout the project, SRDC and Sinneave will work in a learning partnership model through regular exchange, active learning, and reflection on how emerging insights can be applied to practice. SRDC will convene and facilitate a Learning Circle of stakeholders that will review and discuss research findings and reflect on applications in their own contexts of supporting inclusive employment. With an emphasis on neuroinclusion, the project aims to generate insights that can help Sinneave and other organizations strengthen employer-focused initiatives. Additionally, the project will provide useful insights to continue to advance innovative and evidence-based demand-side strategies to support increased employment and workplace inclusion of people with disabilities.

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