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Career Mobility of People with Disabilities

Authors:Shawn de RaafPatrick WrayLindsay Thackeray

According to the 2017 Canadian Survey on Disability, over six million Canadians aged 15 years or over live with at least one disability that impacts their ability to carry out activities in their day-to-day lives. People with disabilities experience greater social, economic, and health disparities compared to those living without a disability. Further, many people with disabilities experience barriers to meaningful employment, and once employed, face challenges due to social stigma, lack of accommodation, and limited opportunities for advancement.

This project aimed to fill a knowledge gap on the experiences of people with disabilities with respect to career mobility. It was conducted in support of advancing the Government of Canada’s Employment Strategy for Persons with Disabilities and Disability Inclusion Action Plan.

Career Mobility of People with Disabilities included a literature review and interviews with stakeholders such as employment service providers, experts, career practitioners, employers, and people with disabilities. It drew on both Canadian and international studies and applied a Gender-based Analysis Plus (or intersectional) lens to capture the intersections between disabilities, gender, and race.

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