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BC AVID Pilot Project: Long-Term Postsecondary Outcomes


The BC Advancement Via Individual Determination (BC AVID) Pilot Project was an ambitious venture that funded 15 school districts to implement the Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID) program from scratch in 21 schools in British Columbia, Canada.

The professional development, implementation and outcomes were tracked in immense detail through a 10-year research effort that collected and linked quantitative and qualitative data on the experiences of the first two cohorts of Grade 8 students selected for BC AVID (see for example Dunn et al., 2008). 27 of the 31 cohorts of Grade 8 students tracked for 10 years were randomly assigned to program, control and waiting list groups in a careful design that would facilitate the measurement of program impact.

The AVID Center and local AVID-trained educators from non participant AVID schools provided broad support to the project effort and the training of the educators involved. The Canadian Millennium Scholarship Foundation (CMSF) provided generous funding for the program’s development and implementation in BC.

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