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Low-Income Student Experiences After Post-Secondary Education

This project seeks a better understanding of the post-study experiences of former post-secondary education (PSE) students who received student aid. Topics to be explored include: their earlier experiences navigating PSE and the labour market and the role played by student aid in their education and post-graduation journeys. Given the purpose of student aid is to support students who might not otherwise be able to further their education to do so and reap the social and economic benefits of learning and/or earning a PSE credential, it is important for student aid decision-makers to understand whether and how these outcomes are achieved. The project objective is to generate qualitative evidence that can be utilized alongside existing quantitative evidence on student outcomes such as study completion, post-PSE incomes and employment to better contextualize achievement of career and life goals. The work should provide a new perspective on the role former students themselves see student aid having played in supporting key outcomes they view as important, including their reflections on program features such as applying for and receiving grants and loans, their adequacy, and the process of loan repayment.

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