BC AVID Pilot Project – Interim Impacts Report - SRDC

This report describes the interim results of the BC AVID Pilot Project, which tests a new way to tackle one of the important educational challenges Canada faces in meeting the needs of today’s knowledge-based economy: engaging enough young people in post-secondary education.

Post-secondary education plays an increasingly important role in helping individuals attain social and economic success. Promotion of high school students’ access to post-secondary education is a major goal of both federal and provincial governments, yet not all students make the transition.

Finnie and Mueller (2008) found less than two-thirds of Canadian students aged 15 years in 2000 had entered post-secondary education by age 19, and in British Columbia just half of high school students entered the province’s post-secondary system in the year following their high school graduation (BC Ministry of Education, 2006).

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