BC Avid Pilot Post-Secondary Impacts Report - SRDC

This report presents findings from the BC AVID Pilot Project, which has tested a version of the US Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program implemented in high schools in British Columbia since 2005. The program aims to improve access to post-secondary education for “students academically in the middle” by increasing their access to and ability to complete more rigorous high school courses. Although AVID is delivered in nearly 4,500 schools worldwide, this is the first large-scale evaluation of the program using a rigorous random assignment design.

The objective of the project has been to determine whether making AVID available to its target group — identified and recruited in Grade 8 — increases the chances that members of that target group enrol in more rigorous study in high school, improve their achievement in high school, and enrol in post-secondary education. This report contains a summary of results for Grade 9 through to the first year of post-secondary education.

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