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Transfert de la recherche ontarienne et des connaissances (TROC)

The TROC initiative (or the Ontario knowledge and research transfer) concerns the development of a portal to facilitate knowledge mobilization research and evaluation findings related to the 2011 Politique d’aménagement linguistique (PAL) policy framework in post-secondary educational institutions and apprenticeship programs. The need for such a portal was first identified during a 2011 symposium introducing the PAL policy framework.

Participants at the time noted a gap in their capacity to access research which, in turn, hindered their ability to systematically investigate issues related to post-secondary education and training in a Francophone minority setting.

As a preliminary step towards establishing a research agenda, the collective will was to initially invest in the design of a portal for the long term which would:

(1) include a centralized directory of key stakeholders;

(2) house a clearinghouse of scientific publications and grey literature;

(3) focus on known best practices; and

(4) provide a forum open to all key stakeholders for exchanging publications and knowledge.

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