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The Transition to Permanent Residence for International Students in Canada’s OLMCs

This research project aims to understand the factors that motivate or hinder the transition of international students to permanent residency in official language minority communities (OLMCs) in Canada. This study will focus on the communities of Moncton, NB, and Sherbrooke, QC. A few studies, although not specifically targeting OLMCs, report on the reasons why international students choose to settle permanently in Canada after their studies. The goal is to find out whether international students in OLMCs raise similar, different, or additional factors on both the economic and social levels. The research will provide a statistical portrait of international students in OLMCs and will include interviews with international students in the two target communities. A better understanding of OLMC-specific factors is important to inform immigration policies targeting international students for their attraction and retention in OLMCs.

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