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Motivational Interviewing Research Findings

Authors:David GyarmatiCam NguyenDominique Leonard

MI is part of a system-wide response to supporting growing caseload. The EIA caseload in Winnipeg has been growing dramatically since 2011, largely due to growth in the GA caseload:

  • While the number of new GA cases per month has remained relatively stable, exit rates have decreased.
  • Employment service participation rates have also dropped, which is reflected by staff concerns that many clients want to move forward, but appropriate programming is not available.

In response to this trend, Manitoba has launched several system-wide initiatives to better support EIA clients in their transition to independence and labour market attachment, including:

  • More accurate, efficient, and timely client assessment and service allocation using ETA and ETA 2.0.
  • A transformed employment programming continuum that better meets client needs, including innovative programs such as Manitoba Works for clients facing greater labour market barriers.
  • Moving from a context of compliance to one of engagement at EIA offices to better support clients in making the first steps towards employment.

Motivational Interviewing represents a key pillar of the transformation within EIA, by equipping caseworkers with the tools needed to support clients to take the next steps towards independence and collaboratively plan how to get there.

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