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Mentoring Partnerships Pilot for BC Career Development Practitioners

The Centre, in partnership with the BC Career Development Association (BCCDA) and SkillPlan, is testing a new pilot project that examines the role that a structured mentorship program can play in supporting career development practitioners in BC.

During the pilot, practitioners have the opportunity to form mentoring partnerships around specific topic areas where they are looking for – or offering – support and guidance, which could include serving clients with particular needs and barriers, pursuing skills upgrading or other professional development opportunities, or training in the latest software or information and communications technologies. All mentors and mentees are provided orientation and training on effective mentoring skills and strategies based on SkillPlan’s established mentorship framework, and participants will be given the opportunity to fill the role of mentors or mentees on topics of their choosing.

The BC Centre for Employment Excellence is conducting a formal evaluation of the mentorship program to determine its effectiveness in supporting the professional development needs of CDPs as well as its role in equipping practitioners to provide services and supports to BC job seekers. This project is managed by the BC Centre for Employment Excellence, a division of SRDC.

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