Hunter/Harvester/Guardian (HHG) Toolkit Implementation - SRDC

Hunter/Harvester/Guardian (HHG) Toolkit Implementation

Building on the co-development of a responsive evaluation framework of hunter/harvester/guardian programs, SRDC and project partners MakeWay, Shari Fox, and four hunter/harvester/guardian programs – two in Northwest Territories and two in Nunavut – will work to implement the framework and co-designed toolkit.

Throughout the year, SRDC will support both the overarching group evaluation of the toolkit’s implementation process and will also provide support to individual HHG programs’ evaluations. Individual program evaluation support will include support for responsive methods to estimate the economic return on investment in HHG programs from individual, program, community, and societal perspectives.

Through regular in-person and virtual gatherings, the project aims to continue strengthening an HHG evaluation community of practice and understand how to improve the responsiveness of evaluation tools and resources available to HHG programs in the North.

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