Determinants of Participation in Indigenous Labour Market Programs: Final Report - SRDC

Determinants of Participation in Indigenous Labour Market Programs: Final Report

Authors:Ted WannellSheila Currie

The purpose of this project is to provide background information for the renewal of the Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy within the broader scope of Employment and Social Development Canada’s (ESDC) Indigenous Labour Market Programs. The research focuses on barriers to participation in Indigenous labour market programs (ILMP).

The main categories of barriers included are health and social barriers, barriers related to community infrastructure, barriers related to housing, and the impacts of low economic activity and remoteness. The project includes three main lines of inquiry: a document/focused literature review, key informant interviews with program agreement holders, and empirical data analyses. The literature review keys on the four main questions related to participant barriers, as well as program practices used to address such barriers. The key informant interviews bring in the views of staff from 11 ASETS, SPF/former ASEP agreement holders.

A twelfth organization offered in-house evaluative material that contributed to the analysis. The data analyses include tabulations of ASETS administrative data supplied by ESDC and secondary analyses of Statistics Canada data. The summary below combines data from all three sources, while in the body of the report the findings are identified as being from the literature, empirical data, or key informant interviews.

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