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Assistive Equipment and Technology for Students with Disabilities: Final Report


The Social Research and Demonstration Corporation (SRDC), working with Neil Squire Society, has undertaken a study of assistive equipment and technology for postsecondary students with disabilities.

The three aims of the study were: to inform assistive technology (AT)-related decision making for Canadian post-secondary institutions and jurisdictions; to provide guidance for individuals with disabilities, post-secondary staff, and policy makers around the selection of appropriate AT to address disability-related education barriers, and; to assist Canadian jurisdictions in forming policy and practice for the delivery of funding, notably the Grant for Services and Equipment for Students with Permanent Disabilities.

This final report draws together findings from a comprehensive literature and information source review, the compilation of an AT inventory and four components of pan-Canadian fieldwork.

SRDC surveyed 99 post-secondary institutions’ disability service providers and 15 provincial and territorial civil servants directing support programs. SRDC also worked with NSS to conduct more detailed in-depth interviews with 22 post-secondary support staff and 21 post-secondary students with disabilities. The projects’ findings are presented under the five originally-designated headings for the investigation, followed by a summary of remaining knowledge gaps and a set of recommendations.

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