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How Web-Based Technologies Can Improve the Career Choices of Young People

Authors:Shawn de RaafTaylor Shek-Wai HuiCarole Vincent

In Canada, between 20 and 30 per cent of post-secondary education (PSE) graduates work in low-skilled occupations. Why do so many graduates find themselves in jobs that do not match their expectations and skills? What are the best ways to help them reach their full potential and get their career in motion? The CareerMotion demonstration project addresses these important questions and provides strong evidence that the competencies of young adults in making career choices can be improved by providing them with Web-based job search and career planning tools that are tailored to their needs.

CareerMotion recruited over 500 PSE graduates residing in British Columbia who felt that they were overqualified for the work they were doing. Participants who signed up for the project were offered a 50/50 chance of receiving access to a custom-designed career development services Web site for five weeks. The online career tools were designed by professional career counsellors to help participants understand their own skills and career aspirations and link their career objectives to relevant, high-quality labour market information available on the Internet. This report is a comprehensive presentation of the impact of the CareerMotion Web-based tools on participants’ ability to make informed career decisions.


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