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Workplace Digital Essential Skills in Rural Small Businesses

Authors:Norm LeckieJulie RodierDavid Gyarmati

Workplace Digital Essential Skills in Rural Small Businesses is a national pilot project that was administered by the Restigouche Canada Business Development Corporation (CBDC) from January 2012 to March 2016. The original concept was to develop a flexible training model that would increase access to basic workplace digital skills training in small rural businesses that would be suitable for low literacy workers.

Many employees with low literacy in small and medium-sized organizations in rural areas are known to lack digital skills and have little access to basic digital skills training that would allow them to fully participate in an increasingly technological economy. In response to this gap, Restigouche CBDC, in concert with a private learning software developer, created an online digital skills training platform. This is the product that was piloted and assessed in this project, with a view to wider distribution in the future.

The purpose of this report is to present results of the analysis by the Social Research and Demonstration Corporation, which assesses the success of the implementation on a number of pre-determined indicators and describes the outcomes of participants and their employers. The first chapter presents an overview of the project including the rationale, objectives, and target groups. The second chapter describes the training process, the research framework, and the accompanying data collection activities that support the evaluation of the implementation and outcomes of participants and employers.

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