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UPSKILL Health — Technical Report on the Qualitative Sub-Study

Authors:Heather Smith FowlerDominique LeonardKelsey BrennanGeneviève Mák

This document is the fourth deliverable for the UPSKILL Health and Mental Health Outcomes Study (UPSKILL Health), whose purpose is to explore the relationship of literacy and essential skills (LES) with physical and mental health, using data from the original UPSKILL trial. UPSKILL was a large demonstration project that tested the effectiveness of workplace-based literacy and essential skills training for employees in the tourism accommodations sector.

The Social Research and Demonstration Corporation (SRDC) is the Canadian non-profit research organization that developed and managed UPSKILL, which ran from 2010 until 2014.

The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) contracted with SRDC in January 2014 to undertake a two-phased sub-study that analyzes the health implications of the UPSKILL trial. Since the UPSKILL trial results were somewhat ambiguous with respect to health impacts, the first phase involved a more in-depth and comprehensive analysis of health-related data already collected through UPSKILL.

The second phase – presented here – was a qualitative inquiry that aimed to explicitly seek UPSKILL participants’ own perspectives on the relationship between LES, training, and physical and mental health. The final report for UPSKILL Health will synthesize the results of the quantitative and qualitative analyses and explore implications for policy and practice, and will be delivered in September 2015.

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