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Promoting the Voices of BC’s Early Care and Learning Sector

This initiative will amplify the voices of BC’s early care and learning (ECL) sector to ensure full participation of ELC professionals in local, provincial, and federal decision making. Frontline ELC perspectives and knowledge are necessary in moving toward a system of early care and learning in BC that will support economic and social recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Early Childhood Educators of BC, working with their partners, will bring together professionals from across the province, with a specific focus on recruitment of women from groups underrepresented in leadership positions, to engage in collaborative learning, knowledge sharing, and systems focused planning. Over an 18-month period, participants will enhance their leadership skills, build confidence in their abilities, skills and knowledge, and create opportunities to share their expertise with decision makers.

By gathering the voices of their peers and communities, participants will use learnings generated through the program to develop and implement localized, community-led childcare solutions as part of local and regional pandemic recovery and response efforts.

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