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2S/LGBTQ+ Populations in the Trades in Canada: Exploratory Insights

Authors:Audrey AppiahChloe HalpennyBasia Pakula

Skilled trades are a key component of the Canadian economy; over 3 million Canadians (or 17% of labour force) work in the skilled trades. A number of equity-deserving groups are however under-represented in the skilled trades, including the 2SLGBTQ+ population. Knowledge of the employment patterns of LGBTQ2S+ people in the skilled trades in Canada is currently limited. Very little is known, for example, about the employment patterns, such as income, employment status, hours worked as well as education, general health, work stress characteristics of 2SLGBTQ+ individuals employed in the trades. There is also a gap in our understanding of the perceptions of and available supports for 2SLGBTQ+ populations in the trades among the key stakeholders in Canada.

Given these research and data gaps, a better understanding of the current realities of this population with respect to working in the trades is important for evidence-based policy considerations. This project uses a mixed-methods approach, combining multi-cycle data from the Canadian Community Health Survey along with stakeholder interviews, to address the following questions:

(1) What are the employment patterns and socio-demographic profiles of lesbian, gay, and bisexual populations in the trades in Canada? And
(2) What are the perceptions of key stakeholders in terms of the experiences, barriers, and available supports for 2SLGBTQ+ individuals in the trades?

The findings from this project will be used to provide ESDC with insights and recommendations with respect to the participation of 2SLGBTQ+ populations in the trades, with a particular emphasis of further areas for research and data development.

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