Family Capacity Advocate Program Evaluation – Phase 2 - SRDC

Family Capacity Advocate Program Evaluation – Phase 2

The Family Capacity Advocate program at Britannia Woods Community House (BWCH) in Ottawa supports families who have a loved one from the ages of 12-25 at risk of proximity with the criminal justice system. SRDC initially assisted BWCH in planning and piloting an evaluation of this new program when it launched in 2021. Now, building on our previous work, we are collaborating closely with BWCH to carry out a second phase of implementation and outcome evaluation of the Family Capacity Advocate program, with a focus on participatory approaches and evaluation capacity building. SRDC will review and refine existing quantitative data tools used by BWCH staff to collect client data; collect and analyze additional qualitative data from clients; and prepare a fulsome report synthesizing the findings across all available data sources. The final evaluation report will assist BWCH in effectively capturing and communicating the story of the Family Capacity Advocate program’s implementation and outcomes.

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