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Evaluation of the Canadian Work Experience Pilot Projects — Final Report

Authors:Julie RodierTaylor Shek-Wai HuiSusanna GurrKim LeherAudrey Appiah

Immigration plays a critical role in Canada’s labour market and economic success. Canada selects immigrants in its Economic Classes based largely on their ability to settle in Canada and their skilled work experience, 1 with the implicit assumption that these qualifications are indicative of their ability to integrate into the Canadian labour market. However, the need for Canadian work experience repeatedly comes up as a major barrier for many newcomers seeking employment
upon arrival.

Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) launched the Canadian Work Experience (CWE) Pilot Projects in 2017 to help high-skilled newcomers gain the first Canadian work experience in their professions. The CWE Pilot Projects were delivered to skilled, unemployed, or underemployed newcomers by six organizations across Canada: BioTalent Canada, ECO Canada, la Société Économique de l’Ontario, MOSAIC, the Centre for Education and Training, and Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council. The organizations developed and implemented different multifaceted approaches that incorporated a range of common active labour market tools — training, work placements, employer engagement, wage subsidies, and one-on-one support — as well as some less common elements such as mentoring and sectoral approaches. The pilot sites launched two-year initiatives that started between August 2017 and February 2018.

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