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BC AVID Pilot Project – Early Implementation Report

Authors:Elizabeth DunnReuben FordJudith HutchisonSophie HébertKelly FoleyIsaac Kwakye

Acting on research that shows approximately 41 per cent of British Columbia youth do not undertake post-secondary studies within two years after high school, the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation has implemented BC AVID, an innovative pilot project to broaden access to post-secondary education, as outlined in an independent study released today by the Foundation and the Social Research and Demonstration Corporation (SRDC).

The project, involving some 1,500 high school students in 18 B.C. schools, is actively testing interventions that address the fact that lack of academic engagement is often a barrier that prevents youth from proceeding to a post-secondary program after high school. The interventions prepare students for post-secondary studies by placing academically average students in advanced post-secondary preparatory classes while providing them with the skills and supports to achieve success with a curriculum based on writing, inquiry, collaboration and reading.

As shown in the BC AVID Early Implementation Report, released today, the project’s interventions aim to convert students from “passive learners” into active classroom contributors and critical thinkers. What makes the project unique in B.C. is that researchers will track participants’ outcomes against those of a comparison group to determine the effectiveness of the interventions and whether or not they improve rates of high-school graduation and post-secondary enrolment.

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