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SRDC to create a new Centre for Employment Excellence in British Columbia

July 11, 2012


The BC Ministry of Social Development announced last May that the Social Research and Demonstration Corporation (SRDC) had been selected to establish a new Centre for Employment Excellence in British Columbia (

The Centre will act as a single coordination point for employment research and innovation, and training in best practices. It will provide support for the employment service sector and the employer community, with the goal of improving employment outcomes for all unemployed job seekers in the province.

The core and distinctive function of the Centre will be its research and development activities. The Centre will identify best practices and emerging technologies for employment service access or delivery. It will also design and test new and innovative employment approaches, and develop associated training modules for those shown to be promising. The Training Group at Douglas College will partner with SRDC for the delivery of training and the provision of technical assistance to practitioners on a cost recovery basis.

SRDC became the successful proponent for the Centre for Employment Excellence based on its extensive background in research, and provision of expert advice and technical assistance in the related areas of access to post-secondary education, adult learning and literacy, labour market information, employment insurance, community-based employment, welfare-to-work, population health, and programs for persons with disabilities.

The new Centre will draw on the extensive expertise of SRDC research staff and The Training Group at Douglas College training staff. The Centre will be housed in SRDC’s Vancouver office and managed by Susanna Lui Gurr. Ms. Gurr has over 10 years of experience as a Research Director at SRDC, and substantial research experience in welfare-to-work and employment programs.

Over the next few months, SRDC staff will be engaging practitioners, employers and other stakeholders to help develop activities at the Centre that are relevant and useful to them. The Centre will also establish linkages with a network of collaborators to foster the exchange of research results to support the Centre’s mission. The official launch of the Centre is planned for early Fall, 2012.

SRDC looks forward to working with the different partners as we move forward to establishing the Centre.

For more information, contact Susanna Lui Gurr, Managing Director of the Centre for Employment Excellence (604-601-4073) or Jean-Pierre Voyer, SRDC President (613-237-3169).

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