SRDC researchers attend the AVID Summer Institute - SRDC

SRDC researchers attend the AVID Summer Institute

August 2, 2004


Three SRDC researchers attended the AVID Summer Institute held in San Diego from August 2 to August ,6, 2004 in connection with the British Columbia Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) project, one of the pilot projects of the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation. SRDC is responsible for conducting the evaluation of the British Columbia AVID project, which is intended to identify students who are academically “in the middle” in Grades 7 or 8, and support them during high school so that they are able to access post-secondary education. Reuben Ford, Susanna Gurr, and Elizabeth Dunn of SRDC learned about AVID study skills and program implementation with staff from British Columbia schools districts that will be implementing the AVID program, and were able to meet with the staff and explain the research design. Representatives from the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation, the British Columbia Ministry of Education, and the Chilliwack School District were also in attendance, and met with staff of the AVID Center (also based in San Diego) who will be assisting with the program implementation and research.

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