SRDC releases major report on Canada's new Skills for Success model - SRDC

SRDC releases major report on Canada’s new Skills for Success model

May 18, 2021


Ottawa, May 18, 2021 – In response to the evolving labour market and changing skill needs, the Government of Canada has launched the new Skills for Success model defining nine key skills needed by Canadians to participate in work, in education and training, and in modern society more broadly. Today SRDC releases the Research report to support the launch of Skills for Success: Structure, evidence, and recommendations. This report supports the launch and roll-out of Skills for Success by providing detailed definitions and components of each skill. The report, completed with the collaboration of several prominent national and international literacy and essential skills experts, modernizes the old essential skills framework by adding two new skills, Adaptability and Creativity and Innovation, as well as expanding Problem SolvingCommunicationCollaboration, and Digital, and updating ReadingWriting, and Numeracy.

In addition to full details on the definitions and components of Skills for Success, the report provides recommendations to support the implementation and roll-out of the new model. Our goal is to stimulate further conversation among a range of stakeholders, including practitioners using the model to develop learning materials for those with diverse needs, assessment developers constructing measurement tools for a variety of learning contexts, and employers thinking about how skills translate to job performance in ways that drive business outcomes.

Click here to read the report.

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