Final report from Downtown Eastside Case Coordination Project - SRDC

Final report from Downtown Eastside Case Coordination Project

August 20, 2008


SRDC recently released the final report from the Downtown Eastside (DTES) Case Coordination Project (CCP). The Case Coordination Program was a three-year initiative that began in February 2005 and ran until February 2008. The design of CCP incorporated a comprehensive model to deliver services to long-term unemployed individuals in the DTES. CCP was designed to be flexible both in terms of the methods of delivery and components of the program to respond to the changing needs of clients. The aims and objectives of CCP were to:

  • support clients through the navigation of pre-employment and employment supports;
  • provide post-employment supports to clients to help sustain a long-term attachment to employment;
  • serve as a conduit between emerging jobs in the DTES and the long-term unemployed; and
  • develop and maintain a standardized assessment tool and tracking system to record client progress.

The DTES Case Coordination Project is the result of a collaboration between the Ministry of Employment and Income Assistance (now the Ministry of Housing and Social Development), the Vancouver Agreement, and Building Opportunities with Business. SRDC was contracted to conduct the project’s evaluation.

The final report presents the findings of the CPP, detailing both the participants’ employment outcomes and their experiences with the project. Also analysed in the report are conclusions relating to implementation and administration, as well as policy implications for similar projects.

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