Barriers to employment and training for equity-seeking groups: Final Report


Groups underrepresented in Canada’s labour market include women, youth, Indigenous Peoples, newcomers, racialized groups, people who identify as 2S/LGBTQ+, and persons with disabilities; these groups also tend to be among the least well served by training and employment programs. There is a need to better understand the intersecting factors that pose barriers to these equity-deserving groups and Indigenous Peoples from accessing and benefiting from these programs and achieving employment success. Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) relies on research and analysis of the skills gaps, learning needs, and barriers these groups face in order to adapt and target its programs and services. This report provides an overview of up-to-date research in this area to inform ESDC’s developing research strategy, intended to improve the capacity to measure, monitor, and address barriers faced by these groups. The report’s analysis was guided by socio-ecological, intersectional, and life course approaches to capture the needs and experiences of those seeking greater equity in the labour market.