SRDC presents new research on SSP at the Making Work Pay symposium

November 15, 2005

SRDC held a Making Work Pay symposium on November 15 and 16 in Ottawa. The symposium presented the latest research from the Self-Sufficiency Project, a project that offered a generous earnings supplement to long-term welfare recipients who left income assistance (IA) and found full-time employment. Human Resources and Skills Development Canada funded the symposium, and Andrew Treusch, HRSDC’s Assistant Deputy Minister, Strategic Policy and Planning, provided opening remarks. Those attending the symposium heard presentations from provincial governments about how their IA programs encourage work among IA recipients. International context was provided by Charles Michalopoulos from MDRC, who talked about trends in American programs designed to “make work pay,” and by Glenda Quintini from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), who spoke about efforts across OECD countries to deal with high marginal tax rates. In addition, there were presentations from a number of distinguished academics, including Robert Moffitt, Johns Hopkins University, who spoke about the difficulties inherent in trying to “scale up” pilot projects.