Use this free interactive tool to develop surveys that meet your measurement and reporting needs.

  • Develop surveys specially designed for learners engaging in skills and employment training.
  • Measure skills through surveys and assessment tools aligned with the Skills for Success model.
  • Access questions designed for diverse participant populations.
  • Create or renew a program performance measurement plan with SRDC guidance and support.

Ways to engage with COMSA

collect data
Collect survey responses online: Protect data via a secure Canadian survey platform.
Showcase program success: Use online features to report results to funders.


Join the network of organizations and streamline performance measurement in Canada

COMSA was developed by The Social Research and Demonstration Corporation (SRDC/SRSA) and funded by The Skills For Success Program.

About SRDC

The Social Research and Demonstration Corporation (SRDC) is a non-profit research organization created specifically to develop, field test, and rigorously evaluate new programs. SRDC's two-part mission is to help policymakers and practitioners identify policies and programs that improve the well-being of all Canadians, with a special concern for the effects on the disadvantaged, and to raise the standards of evidence that are used in assessing these policies.

Since its establishment in December 1991, SRDC has conducted over 450 projects and studies for various federal and provincial departments, municipalities, as well as other public and non-profit organizations. SRDC has offices located in Ottawa and Vancouver and satellite offices in Calgary, Halifax, Hamilton, London, Moncton, Montreal, Regina, Toronto, and Winnipeg.

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