President and Chief Executive Officer, Social Research and Demonstration Corporation

The Social Research and Demonstration Corporation (SRDC) is currently seeking a new President and CEO to replace the current incumbent who has held the position and provided strategic direction for the last thirteen years.

The organization:

The Social Research and Demonstration Corporation (SRDC) is a mission-driven, Canadian non-profit research and evaluation organization. For 27 years, SRDC has been building a base of knowledge and experience about what works in the provision of workforce development, education, income security, health and well-being, immigrant integration, and almost all other social programs and policy areas. SRDC is recognized across Canada, and internationally, as a leader in the design, implementation, and evaluation of large-scale demonstration and experimental projects. We also conduct program evaluation and impact analyses for a wide range of government and non-governmental organizations.

SRDC’s mission is to help decision-makers implement the most effective policies and programs to the benefit of all Canadians – especially those who face particular disadvantages – and to raise the standards of evidence used to assess and design those policies and programs.

SRDC’s research team comprises 30+ highly qualified and diverse professionals, all of whom have a graduate degree, and a third hold a PhD. With bilingual, highly qualified staff, and experience working in every province of the country, we are able to respond to both local and pan-Canadian research and evaluation needs.

SRDC designs and manages projects of many sizes and types, including formative, summative, process, implementation, and impact evaluations; policy analyses; strategic program reviews; performance measurement; and pay-for-success and social finance programming.

SRDC is an independent organization entirely funded from revenues generated through contractual arrangements. Our main offices are located in Ottawa and Vancouver, with satellite offices in Calgary and Montreal.

The position:

The position of President and CEO offers a challenging opportunity to contribute to the quality of public policy-making on critical issues that affect the lives of Canadians. It is also an opportunity to operate and grow an organization recognized as a major national resource for the testing and evaluation of innovative policies and programs.

Reporting to a Board of Directors composed of a distinguished panel of experts with experience in public policy, the President is responsible for providing corporate leadership to an organization with an annual operating budget of $5 million and a research project budget fluctuating between $6 million and $16 million a year.

The President can rely on the contribution of an experienced and dedicated senior project research staff and a small senior administrative team to deliver on its corporate duties and responsibilities.

Primary duties and responsibilities:

  • As Chief Executive Officer, to exercise general control and management of SRDC’s business and affairs under the general direction of the Board of Directors;
  • To continuously offer and champion a strategic vision for SRDC’s research and evaluation activities and to implement and execute processes to achieve SRDC’s strategic goals;
  • To develop and maintain positive relationships with project funders, including federal and provincial governments and non-governmental organizations;
  • To ensure that the highest possible standards of quality are applied to SRDC’s research and evaluation activities;
  • To foster a corporate culture that promotes adherence to the highest standards of excellence, and personal and professional integrity;
  • To build partnerships with service delivery organizations, employer organizations, unions, professional associations and other stakeholders for the testing of innovative programs and policies;
  • To communicate regularly with various stakeholder groups concerning SRDC’s activities and research findings;
  • To lead a team of senior research directors in securing the necessary project funding to preserve the financial viability of the organization;
  • To develop corporate policies and promptly address human resources management and financial challenges when they occur; and
  • To maintain a stimulating work environment and a collegial approach in performing SRDC’s work.

Candidate qualifications:


  • A Master's degree or a Ph.D. in economics, psychology, sociology, statistics, population health or other relevant fields of study related to applied research in social sciences.

Skills and Experience:

  • A successful track record of research leadership in the public or non-profit sector with responsibilities for the development or evaluation of policies or programs designed to improve the well-being of Canadians;
  • Experience in working effectively with research professionals and academics;
  • Experience in working with government representatives and with a board of directors;
  • A proven ability to lead and manage all aspects of an organization from the development of a strategic vision through the successful achievement of its goals;
  • Knowledge and understanding of the analytical techniques required to estimate program effects and the costs and benefits of programs;
  • Experience in recruiting, training and managing research professionals;
  • Knowledge of the major social issues confronting the country and the current policy and program environment for addressing these problems;
  • Understanding of the implications of Canada’s federal system for the development and implementation of economic and social policies;
  • Experience in securing project funding from various sources;
  • A record of accomplishment in establishing effective relationships with key stakeholder groups in gaining their ongoing commitment and support of a project;
  • Experience in negotiating and managing contractual agreements; and
  • Experience in financial oversight and management.

Personal Traits:

  • High energy and visionary;
  • Unquestioned personal and professional integrity;
  • Commitment to the goal of improving public policies and programs, and holding a belief that credible, well-communicated evidence can make policy development and program practice more effective;
  • Drive, entrepreneurship and dedication;
  • Superior communication skills;
  • Assertive, decisive and highly professional;
  • Politically astute;
  • Tolerance, patience and tenacity to overcome obstacles and lead research project teams through adversity and red tape to a successful conclusion;
  • A self-motivated, results-oriented professional with a sense of purpose in achieving corporate objectives; and
  • Ability to interact with staff and with external partners in both official languages is considered a strong asset.

All SRDC employees are offered competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits package. The successful candidate will work in Ottawa.

Applicants should submit a resume and cover letter that indicates how they understand and relate to the required expertise and proposed responsibilities.

Selected candidates will be invited to interviews in early April, with a view to fill the position some time in May.

Please submit applications by March 24, 2019 to:

Elizabeth Rodgers, Director, Human Resources and Corporate Services
Social Research and Demonstration Corporation (SRDC)
55 Murray Street, Suite 400, Ottawa, ON  K1N 5M3

Posted: March 4, 2019

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